YoungBlood Mineral Radiance Creme  Powder Foundation

YoungBlood Mineral Radiance Creme Powder Foundation

Have you ever stood in front of a foundation display and desperately wondered which type and color is right for you? Trying to choose the right foundation can feel about as easy as nailing Jell-o to a tree and nearly impossible.

So how do you chose a foundation that best suits your needs?

If you’ve got your own esthetician or make-up specialist, that’s fantastic! They *should* be able to match you up perfectly, based on the information I describe below. If you don’t have an expert, then you must go it alone. But not to worry…I’ve got some easy tips to help make your journey a complete success!

Step 1: choose the formula you like best. Loose or Pressed, Cream to Powder, Liquid or Tint.

Depending on the brand you use, the coverage and finish may vary. I use Youngblood Mineral CosmeticsĀ® and typically, foundations will follow these guidelines.

*Loose foundation provides sheer to full coverage, with a luminous finish.

*Pressed foundation provides sheer to medium coverage, with a matte finish.

*Cream to Powder foundation provides sheer to medium coverage with a satin finish.

*Liquid foundation provides a sheer to medium coverage, with a dewy finish.

*Tint foundation provides a sheer coverage, with a dewy finish.

Step 2: choose your shade. These usually fall into four categories: Light, Medium, Tan or Dark.

Step 3: choose your undertone.

*Warm: more yellow hues in your skin.

*Cool: more pink hues in your skin.

*Neutral: your skin contains pink AND yellow hues.

Now that you’re armed with this wisdom and knowledge, let’s go back to the foundation display.

Using the criteria outlined above, choose 3 different foundations that seem to be a close match. Most places, drugstores included, will allow you to test their products before purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask!!

Using foundation #1, apply a thin, vertical line to the side of your face along the jaw line. It’s best to use a Q-tip. The line should not be heavy, you need very little product. Gently rub this into your skin.

Repeat this step with the other two foundations and then take a close look in the mirror. The foundation that blends best with your skin color without looking like you have any make up on at all, is the one to choose. Your foundation should not be a different color than your own skin. It’s supposed to blend and appear natural.

If you want to appear more tan, try using a bronzer on your cheeks and around the edges of your forehead and face.