Nov Tip

The perfect anti-stress month.

Free radicals stress our skin and accelerate premature aging.

Everyday, we are bombarded by these scavengers, whether it’s pollution, the sun, cigarettes, alcohol or poor diet. Even our own bodies produce them!

These highly unstable molecules attack our cells which, in the long run, can cause cancer, sickness and skin aging.

Relaxation is your solution but where do you find it? At a spa where comfort and relaxation is awaiting you! Your esthetician will establish a prescription that combines many antioxidants that will be sure to block the free radicals.

A few suggestions of products are: Phyto Stem Cell line, Daily Ceramide Comfort, AGE Total Defence, Active C Serum and the H50 Therapy line. For a more intense treatment, try these clinical facials: Botinol and Hydrolifting.