Start off the year in beauty to begin again with small rituals.

January is the perfect month for everything that is warm and comforting. We simply feel like slipping under a nice  quilt or putting on a warm sweater.

January is the perfect month to choose a cream and mask with repairing and protecting textures, due to extreme weather conditions that can make our skin feeling dry, dehydrated and fragile.

Cleansing products should be very gentle, soft in texture and without alcohol. Day creams should protect our skin against the cold, UV rays and sensitivity. At night, we need to repair and balance our skin’s needs for moisture and nutrition.

January is the perfect month for a creamy, velvety mask that will give our skin back all of its suppleness, while calming that sensation of dryness and taut skin.

Recommendations: Hydramucine & Sensiderm products

GM Collin

GM Collin