With the cold and dry heat, our skin becomes more sensitive. Sensitivity is a well known condition that can affect normal, oily and even dry skin. You recognize it by noticeable redness, heat and taut sensation. If we do not treat sensitive skin, it becomes extremely reactive and uncomfortable.

Your esthetician may adjust your prescription to re-balance your skin with concentrates and creams to soothe and calm. It will re-enforce your capillary walls and stimulate micro-circulation. These products will balance out your skin, you will look less tired and even the OCTOBER Tipsigns of aging will be less noticeable. If you do not treat your sensitivity, it will become irritated and will accelerate the aging process.

A few suggestions of products are: Native Collagen Gel, AGE Total Defence, Nutriderm, Sensiderm Cream + Gel, Vasco Tonic, (clinical treatment : Collagen 90-II)