September TipThe month of changes and novelties! Let’s regenerate!

September is the perfect month to visit your esthetician to re-evaluate your skin’s needs.

The summer months have dehydrated and thickened your skin, exfoliation becomes your best friend. We remove the accumulation of dead skin’s cells to reveal a much more luminous, brighter skin.

Your esthetician may suggest a cure of concentrates and masks to repair and minimize the effects of the sun rays. A cocktail of minerals, vitamins and proteins is just what you need! What more can you ask for to bring back your true beauty? The month of changes…

A few suggestions of products are: Derm Renewal Cream, Gel Cream or Gel, Phytowhite Serum and Cream, Nutrivital

For more of an intense treatment, try a clinical facial : Derm Renewal Peel, Sea C Spa or Bio-Organique)